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At SAIS our mission is to build & maintain long term relationships with our customers based on fairness, mutual respect & collaborative problem solving in terms of IT Solutions. Our objective is to deliver quality IT and Telecom Services while incorporating supreme value to enterprises globally at an affordable price. Our outsourcing strategy provides low cost and in time solutions to our clients. SAIS is a leading provider of enterprise solutions and services that strategically harness the power of Information and Engineering Technology to help customers maximize their business value in the new economy.

  • IT Implementation partner for Telecom, BFSI and Healthcare Companies
  • Integration partner for PBM systems in Insurances
  • Performed Complex Engineering and IT Solutions and integrated with Complex Systems in Telecom, BFSI and Healthcare companies
  • Supporting HIPAA compliant infrastructure for Product Development Company
  • Technology outsourcing partner for fortune 500 Telecom, BFSI and Healthcare companies


Technology Key Indicators

Application Development

It is the process of designing, building, and implementing software applications. It can be done by our Robest teams. Generally we follows a standard agile methodology for Application Development.

Business Intelligence

SAIS’s Business Intelligence practice provides proven services to help you adapt faster to changing market conditions by maximizing your use of available resources.

Technology Outsourcing

The need for IT outsourcing often arises from a lack of resources as well as a drive for cost reduction of overhead.

Quality Assurance

The maintenance of a desired level of quality in a service or product, especially by means of attention to every stage of the process of delivery or production.

Staffing Augmentation

Staff augmentation allow business to increase output without incurring the costs of hiring resources. it helps in oursourcing services from an external provider used on a constractual basis to complement the knowledge and skills of the existing in-house team.

Data Science & AI

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence are technologies that correlate with each other in many ways. Artificial Intelligence in Data Science as a function has taken over.

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Because we focus on results.

For us, it’s all about what adds value for you and your business. Above all, we want our words to work for you.

When you choose us, you’ll feel the benefit of business and growth.

We are Professional and Technology Driven

We Live in a global society where technology, especially information and communication technology, is changing the way businesses create and capture value, how and where we work, and how we interact and communicate.

Smart Solutions Providers

Becoming a smart solution provider: Reconfiguring a product engineering strategic capabilities and processes to facilitate business model innovation






Hours Of Support


Hard Workers

A highly structured process makes perfect sense for big companies working on huge projects or for government agencies hiring for massive public infrastructure projects, but does it make sense for smaller companies with proportionally smaller budgets and less expertise?


Strong Management.
Robust Technical Team

We believe our success is directly related to the success of our employees’ outstanding performance and professional accomplishments.

We offer our employees a challenging, dynamic and diverse work environment that promotes and encourages professional achievement.

SAIS is always on the lookout for good talent. So if you think you have what it takes, please forward your resume in Microsoft® Word® format

Open Positions Years Description
QA 4-6 Years Automation testing, selenium webdrive, Testing, Java
Dot Net Developer 4-10 Years ASP.NET, ADO.NET, Javascript, C#, Sql Server
IT Recruiters 2-4 Years W2 & Corp 2 Corp Requirement
Bench Sales Recruiters 2-4 Years Developing New Contacts with Tier 1 Vendors / Clients, OPT
BDM 10-12 Years Experience working with various Direct Clients/Tier-1, Vendors/Implementing Partners
Angular Developer 3-6 Years UI/UX with Angular


Industry Expertise

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Your vision for the future. Goals should be the result of careful consideration of a personal vision statement and things you want to achieve. We help to acheive it.

  • Strong, innovative company culture, Unique product knowledge, Excellent efficiency and productivity, Customer service that creates raving fan customers, Ability to scale sustainably that Speed to market, High adaptabilityl and decisive leadership

  • We adopts the marketing concept when it takes steps to know as much about the consumer as possible, coupled with a decision to base marketing, product, and even strategy decisions on this information. These organizations start with the customers’ needs and work backward from there to create value, rather than starting with some other factor like production capacity or an innovative invention. They operate on the assumption that success depends on doing better than competitors at understanding, creating, delivering, and communicating value to their target customers.

  • To operate successfully in a changing market, a company should plan its future objectives and strategies around its strengths and downplay its weaknesses. When we discuss strengths, we’re referring to a company’s competitive advantages and distinctive competencies—that is, what the company does really well.

    • Strong employee attitudes
    • Excellent customer service
    • Personal relationships with customers
    • Leadership in product innovation
    • Highly efficient, low-cost products & services
    • High integrity